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Leigh 03:05 PM 01-17-2019
Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo:
So one of my darlings spilled my pop that was next to my laptop ( I know I learned my lesson). So I need a new keyboard on it and thankfully for that and labor it's only $65. Since it was a daycare child that spilled it, can I write that 100% off as an expense?
I had a DCM smash into my brand new grill in my driveway (pushed it into the garage door frame a messed that up pretty good, too). I wasn't able to write off because the grill wasn't used for daycare, even though the damage was 100% BECAUSE of daycare.

As far as the keyboard, I replaced my own-it was SUPER easy, and all I had to pay for was the keyboard ($23 from Amazon). You could save a little there.