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Question Paid Holidays

As a licensed home day care provider I do not receive any benefits other than paid Holidays and paid child sick days from the general public and in compliance with accepting state funded child care payments .
I receive
New years Eve
New years Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas day
And as a benefit if a holiday falls on a saturday or Sunday I reserve the right to take a Friday and or a Monday to observe the Holiday.
I do not take Presidents day off ,Martin luther King jr Day or veterans day off which are also state paid holidays , I do not take paid vacations like some daycare charge for or paid personal days .When it comes to Paid holidays I have some parents I feel think I don't deserve it .I take excellent care of their children and I feel unappreciated like I am not worth a paid holday. I hardly ever take any days off unless absolutely nessesary and if it it is for personal reasons or I take a week family vacation I do no charge , I know the economy is terrible it is way different than when I opened in 1999 back then I would receive very nice gifts at christmas $100 bonuses etc. from parents on top of the paid holiday .Now I do not even receive a card which is fine and I do understand the economic hardship people are having but I feel if you are comfortable having your child in the care of someone and they are doing a good job in taking care of your child and can trust themthey should be worth paid holidays, I provide preschool learning , lots of activities , and provide all food and drink I do give ocassional breaks to parents if they need help , I am not a general babysitter I am a licensed day care business owner just because my business is out of my home does not make me any less of a professional child care provider ,and a holiday pay bonus should be worth the care of a child !!
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