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Default Labor Day Refunds?

I didn't take labor day off, because I have that Friday off for appointments. I was told a few families would still be needing me (some work medical/retail) but now I am down to 2. (from 8 scheduled)

One is for 2 hours,(3-5) Mom isn't working

The other is FULL DAY (7-4:30) and NOT a child that handles being the only well, also a girl and the youngest child in care, so she doesn't play with my own kids at all and is a handful on the best of days.

Should I ask them to keep them home and offer a refund for the day? I have scheduled all of my paid days off and this is not one of them.

Am I then obligated to refund all of my families? None of the others know each other (these two do, though) The rest knew I was open and opted to keep their children home.
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