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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
You are not obligated to do anything.

Honestly, in your position, I'd suck it up and honor my original schedule. I can say that because I have in the past. It is about your business reputation as a dependable provider. 2 days notice, especially weekend days, seems unfair IMHO. It would be very difficult to find back-up care on a holiday.

From here on out I'd recommend taking all federal holidays off with pay. Most providers I know, including myself, already do.
I agree with this. It definitely does suck and I've been there a few times and I would casually mention to mom that her child will be the only one there but from my experience the SAHM's who have their children in full day care on a holiday aren't going to care much! I would just suck it up and learn from the experience!
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