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Originally Posted by butterfly View Post
I agree to sucking it up and working, since you already committed to it; however, I would ask the parents if they were ok with transporting their child. If they were, I'd probably get out and do something fun with them - even just run errands and get that stuff done...
I let both parents know that their children were 1 of 2 coming in. That I was available if they wanted to bring in. One is keeping dck home the whole day and I credited her, the other is still coming in, but it's only a few hours and an easy kid that my kids enjoy. I told her we would be taking her to the spray park for a bit and Mom said "Well do you want me to bring her there and meet you?" AWESOME! Now I get a FUN day with my own kids.

I felt terrible about it to my other parents, so I just sent an email giving credit for the day to everyone, so essentially I took an unpaid day 'off'. Honesty is a good policy. Would NOT be right imho to credit one family and not the others.

Next years handbook has 15 paid days, so this will be a non issue. Some of my parents generally DO work federal holidays and NEED ME. So it went back to being available, and since this is the second time this year this happened, it's time to take those days OFF.

THANK YOU! Even for the 'hard truth'.
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