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This isn't a matter of whether he is sleeping or not. You do have a nap time that you enforce meaning all kids are required to lay on their cots quietly for a certain amount of time, whether they sleep or not, correct? So clearly he doesnt want to do that even though, more than likely, he needs the sleep. So its up to you whether you want to wait this out but honestly, retraining an older 4 year old that doesnt have a sleep schedule/structure at home almost never works. Like Nan says, either figure out something where he can be up/awake but not disruptive OR if your set up wont allow that, I would tell mom its not working out. Now you know, you cant take kids that dont already have a consistent nap routine. Its really really hard to retrain older kids. My other thought is that if he is napping at home, perhaps mom is laying down with him or they are falling asleep in front of the TV, again both are habits that are going to be hard to break.
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