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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Quick math lesson: $36k/yrs = aprox. $1600/month take home. 1600 - $600 for daycare - $600 for small apt = $400 for utilities, gas, food, car insurance and all other fine things.

You also get no help from the state vs the person at $34k.

We setup fundraisers for families that are in that no man's land to help with daycare needs. We also have a non-profit daycare setup that also has reduced rates vs others. Also medium sized daycares that have 20 full-time kids at $600 a head(not counting part-time), not really in the $36k range.

As for what's good for whom, I've seen an entire daycare of parents pull their kids and not pay due to poor customer service. Don't see that necessarily good for anyone, more so for the owner of course.

I am thankful we have a great daycare that helps raise our children with proper attitudes in life, with everybody helping everybody rather that you do what's good for you and I'll do what's good for me. That would be worth pulling my kid out of a daycare for, not if they charge for holidays or not.
Daycare is not a charity that helps raise children. It just isn't. Proper attitude does not mean working for free or reduced rates.

What you are describing is a community co-op. It is great your community pulled together for parents who are low income and need such services.

It does not apply to the vast majority of daycare consumers, though. Surely you can see the difference?

(I was wondering why this thread popped back up.... Labor Day is next Monday in the US. )
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