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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
But multiply that to 12 children (legal limit for one provider in MA) and you make $48/hr for 12 children. That's about $96,000/yr, essentially being paid as much as a nurse practitioner. How many "daycares" watch one child? And you know you are charging more than $200/wk for a 5 day child. So tell me again, this time add children, not just child.
Most of us can't have 12 children without hiring an assistant. I can't have that many in Ohio if I do have an assistant. And out of the money you are quoting (which normally I see about $25,000 a year), I pay extra utilities, I pay for trainings, I pay for things like CPR certifications, I pay for food, art supplies, toys, high chairs, cribs and whatever else the kids need in my care. So most of the money you are quoting, the provider never really sees. Your math is very flawed.
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