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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
But multiply that to 12 children (legal limit for one provider in MA) and you make $48/hr for 12 children. That's about $96,000/yr, essentially being paid as much as a nurse practitioner. How many "daycares" watch one child? And you know you are charging more than $200/wk for a 5 day child. So tell me again, this time add children, not just child.
If that's how you seriously see it, why are YOU not a child care provider?

If it's that easy to make that kind of money, I don't understand why EVERYONE isn't a child care provider?

Holy moly! $96,000 per year??? That's awesome!

I have 10-12 kids everyday but I don't charge anywhere near $200 per week for each child and I certainly don't make anything close to $96,000 per year....

If you have this all figured out...... could you please share it with the rest of us????

Please...enlighten us all on how we can make that kind of money...

I will pay you..... actual cold hard cash (seriously)..... if you would be willing to post an entire year's statement of cash flow BOTH in and out, including taxes how a provider can make that $96,000.

You can even base it off of the rate you posted of $200 per week for 5 days.

The ONLY thing you can't simply assume the provider cares for 12 FULL TIME children. That is a rare atleast half your ratios must be part time kids.

So, prove yourself......let's see the calculations you've come up with.
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