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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If one or two day closing is fine. but when school closes two weeks, I still have to pay for the tuition fee, and I still have to find babysitter and pay as well. Not all parents have full time salary job and bonus for holidays. I never got any bonus even any single job I had as full time. This person who write below doesn't seem have no clue other than her money money for her day care. I am sure it is profit business in the end.
I, along with many other daycares, charge yearly. I allow my clients to pay in the manner that works for them (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly). It's THEIR job to budget to cover for time off. We are all pretty upfront at the beginning about vacations and such. College kids still pay tuition when their schools are closed for holidays, too, as do private schools. Preschool and daycare are no different. Childcare is expensive, no doubt, but it's only a lot of money to those PAYING it, when you're the one MAKING it, it's not much at all, especially considering the high overhead.
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