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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Why is it that the mere thought that a child care provider might actually care about the money that it automatically makes them a bad place/person?

Why can't child care providers (business owners) aim to make a profit?
Why can't child care providers (business owners) care about their incomes and financial stability?

Child care providers are always expected to put their love of children ahead of everything else, especially the money....but parents don't???

Parents RARELY put time with their child or the quality of care their child gets ahead of the money. For parents it's always the same song and dance....

It's all about money and never about making sure your provider is paid well so she can be financially stable and emotionally and mentally stable (which is the point of closed days) verses working 60-70 hour weeks caring for your child.

STOP making it about money and make it about each providers ability to maintain themselves, their business and everything necessary to continue providing safe and quality care to your child.

Of course, child care providers care about the money.

Parents need to stop trying to make the provider feel bad for caring about the money because if anyone should put the child before the money it's the parent not the provider.
Absolutely true. A parent SHOULD put their child before money, and putting their child first includes having a caregiver who isn't burned out.
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