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If one or two day closing is fine. but when school closes two weeks, I still have to pay for the tuition fee, and I still have to find babysitter and pay as well. Not all parents have full time salary job and bonus for holidays. I never got any bonus even any single job I had as full time. This person who write below doesn't seem have no clue other than her money money for her day care. I am sure it is profit business in the end.

I have no problems paying for major holidays. And where I'm at, it's not a problem. But, just like bad parents exist, bad providers do too.

When my oldest goddaughter was a baby my BFF was a single mom. She found a home based provider who was near her job and her school. The first six months everything was cool. She was paying holidays and a week vacation in the summer, but since she was in school it wasn't that big of a deal. When January rolled around the new contract stated that the provider now wanted all holidays, two weeks in the summer, her birthday, her husband's birthday and her anniversary. And rates went up like $30 a week. Still not a huge deal. The birthdays and anniversary were both during the school year, but she was able to find coverage for those days. And the rate increase brought her in line with the average in the area at the time.

The next January is where the problem started. The new contract included all holidays, two weeks in the summer, the entire week of her anniversary, her birthday, her husband's birthday and all four of her kid's birthdays (that's a total of 31 days of care for those of you keeping up). And rates went up another $30 a week. The worst part was that the provider sprung this new contract on her on a Monday morning. As in "sign this now or I won't provide care today." I know all this because I got a desparate phone call that morning from my BFF wanting to know if there was any way I could watch my goddaughter for a day or two until she could line up a new provider.

Yes, it was the provider's business to run the way she saw fit. It cost her her business though. This is a small town and people talk. This provider still complains bitterly about all of the parents who "abandonded" her.
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