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Originally Posted by Thriftylady View Post
Well about five minutes before I told her lets take a shower she had laid on the couch. When I told her lets go shower she was pretending to be asleep and smiled at me so I said come on lets go and the fit started. Other than that she has been fine all evening. She just came in and decided she was done. She may be tired and acting out because she got here at 6 this morning and didn't go back to sleep like she sometimes does.

My daughter used to be able to throw two hour tantrums. NO I'm not kidding! But she was my child so it was different.
Two hours?! you poor poor woman

Yep sounds like overtired to me too. Can you skip shower or somehow get her to choose when she does it? "Do you want to take a shower before or after xyz." I know it's a toddler trick but it might work
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