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Originally Posted by daycare View Post
a lot of parent say that. which yes we can't make them sleep, but we can implement routines and boundries for bed time.

Kids in there singing and clapping you go in and tell them sleep time. After that you may need to set consequence. I don't know, maybe I am just mean, but with my own children i had to do this. If you get out of bed again, I take your bear,, if you don't close your eyes, I am turning off the light. until they are sleeping with nothing but their PJs if need be. If you scream, I close the door. It took me doing this 4-5 times and they quit it really fast.

I would give them about 15-20min max to unwind and thats it. there is no reason why it should take an hour plus to go to sleep. unless there is something wrong.

I have parents that say I put them to bed at 8 but they didn't fall asleep until 1130. Um where were you during that time?
I tend to believe this DCM. She has been great to work with, and will admit the issues that her kids have. They are mostly well behaved but of course have things they do like any kid does. She is by far one of the best DCM's I have had, in the top 3 for sure! I realize that some DCP's will say anything to make it sound like they are just doing it all perfect. But I don't think she is one of them.
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