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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It just seems really unfair, where I work we OPEN every day except Christmas, then daycare close so not only is the parent working, they pay for the daycare to close AND for additional childcare, how is that fair??? And yes we ALL know you are "business owners" no need to come rushing in to deliver that lecture, folks!!!
What's unfair about a worker like you having to work on holidays and a worker like me who can command a salary that includes paid holidays? If you want to command or score a job where part of the benefit package includes paid holidays then get to getting the education, experience, and create the demand for your work that compensates you with paid holidays.

It aint free. I've been working since I'm 14 and have over three decades in my field. I went to college for a degree and license that enables me to ask for and receive holiday benefits. I haven't worked a job since college that didn't pay me to be off or offer me time and a half for working the day if I so choose.

You want that? Then go get it.

Don't stomp your feet and complain that a business you need on Holidays isn't open. Look at all the workers and say to yourself... I'm going after THAT job so I can have the days off paid.
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