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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Ok well you have a point just not too many options that accommodate the hours worked here, long days with care needed until minimum 8pm. So many provider close at 4 or 5 and so forth, nice for them but frankly I have no idea what kind of jobs their customers are working I typically haven't even gone to lunch by then.
Again however, working at this job is a choice you have made. I used to be there too. I worked retail or restaurant jobs where I wasn't off until midnight on some nights, since I was the parent it was my responsibility to find child care for my child. I didn't and couldn't afford to pay a flat fee per week on my salary and hours so I found a daycare that would allow me to pay only for the hours that I actually used. It was also my responsibility to find child care for my child after my daycare closed. I;m the parent, these are my responsibilities and my choices.

After a while I got tired of working the hours that I was working so I got a different job in an office that was 9-5 mon-fri. Most daycares are open until 6pm so if fit better and I still paid for daycare on days that the daycare was closed for holidays, I budgeted for these days. Then later when I wanted to add to my family I made the decision to change my career and go into daycare to be able to stay home with my kids while still bringing home an income. So you see, choices are ours to make and there are always options. There are always different child care options with different policies and different structures, all parents have to do is make a list of what they need, what they wish they could get and start calling around. If you don't like your options, change them.
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