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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am not being denied access to those places or services though, the landlord doesn't lock me out when I go to a hotel. The cable company doesn't turn off services when I'm normally scheduled to work and force me to purchase satellite TV or Netflix if I call in sick and want to watch TV when I normally don't.

Some of you seem really upset, maybe instead to of demanding an end to the discussion in CAPS, move on to a topic you enjoy more? We're just talking, no one is trying to hurt your feelings.
The thing is no matter what is is always about choices. Every provider has choices, as does every parent. I am a provider that does do the "odd" hours that many others don't. So it is possible to find one who does. I also had a mom ask me to provide care on Thanksgiving. She is a nurse and has to work. And I told her if she really needs me I will, but she will be paying extra for that service. Even lower level jobs pay more for working a holiday, and so she can afford to pay a little more for holiday care. And if she didn't have to work, there is no way in heck I would do it. I can see where if more providers did holidays, parents would just take the kids because the daycare was open and sadly many parents just don't seem to want to be with their kids.
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