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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am not being denied access to those places or services though, the landlord doesn't lock me out when I go to a hotel. The cable company doesn't turn off services when I'm normally scheduled to work and force me to purchase satellite TV or Netflix if I call in sick and want to watch TV when I normally don't.

Some of you seem really upset, maybe instead to of demanding an end to the discussion in CAPS, move on to a topic you enjoy more? We're just talking, no one is trying to hurt your feelings.
The simplest solution is to pay a higher weekly rate each week to cover the vacation/holiday slots so you are paid up by the time the day or week comes up. I have offered to every parent to pay an additional 15 percent per week up front and I won't charge for my days off. That way, I get the money upfront if you decide to book before I take the time off.

Haven't had any takers on that. Lots of daycare providers build their days off into their weekly fee and just set aside the money and pull it out as they take time off. That way the parent pays upfront but has the money to pay one other person on the times off.

Maybe look for that.
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