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Originally Posted by nannyde View Post
It's not access. It's agreement.

You made an agreement with your cable company that you would pay a flat fee regardless of use. You made an agreement with your landlord that if you were going to rent the place you paid whether you were there or not. If you are hospitalized and are gone for a month... you pay.

If your power goes out and you can't run your tv... you still pay the cable company.

If you want a pay as you go daycare, get one. Tons of newbies have that deal. A smattering of experienced providers have it. Find that provider. Don't enter an agreement where you pay and can't use the service if you don't agree.

Agreeing to it and believing it's unfair is what is unfair.
This is what annoys providers about having to rehash this conversation. If you don't agree with a provider's policy- don't sign on with them. It really IS that simple. No irate parents, no annoyed daycare providers. There are a million ways to operate in this business. Find one that works for you.
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