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Originally Posted by Marianpy1 View Post
The answer to this question all comes down to business marketing. If you have heavy competition you must have something to be able to offer parents to draw them in. Perhaps it is no payment when daycare is closed. If you can get away with charging because of your highly rated reputation and flood of available fsmilies needing care then do so. In my business area where competition if fierce but i an a highest rated daycare in the state i have opted for no charge. I charge extremely high rates, pay 2 employees but still run a very profitable business. I treat my customers well and make them happy so i have stayed in business with no problem fir over 30 yrs. my waiting list is 2 yrs long. Its all about good business practices!!
You hit the nail on the head. We all have to decide what/how we want to do things. The market here isn't that good. So my rates are low. I do still charge regardless. Since I have a nurse in care, and am not against taking others, knowing they do have to work some holidays, I am open on holidays (except Christmas) if and ONLY if the parents are required to work. And they pay an extra fee for that. I got Monday off because nurse wanted to work but when I reminded her of the extra fee, she suddenly didn't need to. And that fee is way to low, only an extra $10 per day per child. I am going to be raising it this fall. But, they have a choice give the the paid day off on their normally slightly above market rate for my area, OR pay extra for holiday care. I will NOT work on Christmas, children should be with family then. My family will not celebrate that and leave the kids high and dry.
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