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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My Home Child Care is a Licensed Business. I have disrupted my Children's lives for the last 23 years to run it. I have laws I have to follow, my house, furnishings and yard are not "my own" to do with as I please. On my weekends, holidays and vacations, I am more likely than not, working on upkeep and changes that need to be done to satisfy my License. All the endless paperwork etc. just to do a job that most people would NEVER do. I'm "open" 11 hours a day. I get up before 4:30 and work almost straight thru till bedtime, to make sure I provide the services I am charging for. My business runs my life, not the other way around.
Besides, What part of Tuition don't you understand? I pay for College for my children. Tuition is charged for the degree, not the days actually in the classroom. My tuition charged guarantees that your child is loved, respected, protected, fed healthy foods, kept warm/cool, gets plenty of exercise, is happy and healthy when you pick him/her up and will be ready for Kindergarten when they move on.
No business can operate if their income is not steady. You want reliable Daycare? Shop around, look at their houses and ask what is offered but most importantly read contracts. If you want cheap, don't expect your child to be getting the kind of care I provide because it is just not possible.,
I can't find the original post that you are responding to but I'll add to your logical reasons. In California, as a home based provider, I employed two people. In order to retain good staff, I offered paid holidays just like the childcare centers. I couldn't reasonably pay my staff for holidays if I didn't charge parents for them.

In addition to holiday pay, California law required me to pay my employees 24 hours of sick leave each year. (Plus employee taxes and workman's comp). Home based businesses are a business just like any other.
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