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Originally Posted by Silly Songs View Post
I am moving to California tomorrow ! I get NO paid leave, NO vacation pay, NO sick pay. I get paid for hours I work, that's it. I'm a nanny and I also don't get paid if mom or dad take a day off and they don't need me. It's 100 percent my own fault. The situation will be remedied soon.
This is why providers charge for holidays/closures/sick days.

WE cannot afford to live off of an unsteady paycheck. Providers cannot afford to stay in business if suddenly Susie is home for a week because grandma is visiting, and then the power goes out so she isn't paid for anyone for 2 days, or the stomach bug hits and 3 children are out.

Parents need to go to work, and they NEED quality childcare. Please plan ahead for this expense. Children are expensive. Providers are already paid such a low wage, and then to nickel and dime them on top of it? It just shows how little parents value the love and care we give their child, and the amount of hours we work to maintain our spaces, license, programming, degrees, etc.

So many providers are former working moms. They start out thinking "I'm going to do this differently, I am not going to charge for the days the children aren't here, or holidays..." and I guarantee you nine times out of ten they suffer massive burnout, are forced to close, or change their policies.

I started out in this field working 6am-11pm. I did two shifts of children, I charged hourly. I almost lost my mind and my bills were backing up. I hated every second of childcare. I closed, regrouped and reopened with the same policies my (amazing) former provider had. I have been steady for 6 years now.
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