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Ok well you have a point just not too many options that accommodate the hours worked here, long days with care needed until minimum 8pm. So many provider close at 4 or 5 and so forth, nice for them but frankly I have no idea what kind of jobs their customers are working I typically haven't even gone to lunch by then.
This is old, but start your own daycare in the area that markets to this need of later hours. Sounds like the demand is there.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Well, I came to this forum for ideas/advice regarding tuition guidelines. It was a simple question, IMO, and I was glad to be getting the info from providers and professionals...until I read what most of these "professionals" had to say.
I don't understand the attitude and anger towards a parent asking a simple question. Being most of us parents asking this question do not own or run a daycare why would we know all the ins and outs? And yet most of the replies here are belittling and rude. That alone would make me pull my child out of your daycare. How dare you be so nasty?! A question is asked and all that was needed was a simple explanation or breakdown, no need for sarcasm and multiple exclamation points. Don't like the career path of running a daycare? Don't like parents and their "whining"? Start a new career!
Honestly, most parents came to this particular thread to complain. My reply isn't snarky or rude. Don't sign a contract that you don't agree with. If you disagree or find it unfair that your provider has paid time off, or is paid when your child is out sick, find one that doesn't.

If you have questions about anything, ask your provider first. Most have vastly different policies and even between states licensing regulations vary quite a bit. I hope that helps (and I would be happy to answer any question I could)

For what it's worth- I love my littles, but the parents can be even more stressful than 6 kids under 5, simply because as you stated they don't understand the field because they don't work in it.
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