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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I get it, but I feel like daycares take advantage of this, having days off such as good friday, black Friday? And why in the world does a daycare need "inservice " day?
Daycare's taking advantage?.... hardly. There is so much more to this business that you (general you as a client) see/understands.

I am open and care for kids 50 hours a week

I spend approximately 20 hours a week doing other daycare related things (prepping, trainings, shopping, cleaning etc)

There is a lot more to operating a business than just those times in which we are caring for the kids.

I'd rather take a Wednesday or a random Monday off but instead I try to ease the issue closing causes for clients and close during days where most families are off themselves or can easily find alternate care. Those days are usually holidays or days near holidays.
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