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I have an emotional 3 yo who just started. I don't think she's ever been in group care before, and she has severe speech delays. She does seem very smart though.

She cries a ton a drop off, and then dissolves into tears and wanting mom many times during the day. She has improved a lot since she started (or I wouldn't have been able to keep her), but still does cry quite a bit.

I have her sit on the "calm down sofa," which is covered with a sheet and then I ask her after a while if she wants to play or cry. She'll say play then she moves on. I remind her of her choice when she starts tearing up again.

Since she has made quite a bit of improvement in a month or so, I figure that she'll keep improving, especially as she gets older.

However, I've often wondered how I would have coped with her if she had been this way as a two year old or a one year old. I wouldn't think that a choice of cry/sofa vs play would work very well with younger ages.

She's a funny kid. I don't think I've ever seen her smile, not once, since she started. She can have temper tantrums too. I think the tantrums are behavior but the other is temperament. I'm just trying to help her deal better with who she is and with her world.
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