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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Dad View Post
I totally get that in your line of work you should be paid when you are retrieving supplies for the job, because you are providing a service during those hours. You wouldn’t expect to be paid for that time if you were shopping for your self during that time should you?

However for a business that provides services such as child care: they should not charge you for days/time when they are not providing a service. They should plan ahead for this and charge appropriately throughout the year to cover expenses such as closed hours doing administrative items, holidays, and anticipation average of days closed annually. If nothing more than for perception.

If I pay for a month of internet and there is a problem where it doesn’t work I’m credit for time as long it the problem is on the service providers end.
You don't pay your internet if it goes off for awhile? I always get charged unless I cancel.
Maybe all those of you who are complaining about being charged for a provider's day off, should become a provider. You'd be more understanding of it all. And really, what difference would it make if we charge a constant rate through out the year to charge time off or if we up our rates to include PTO but not charge for our days off? You'd be complaining about that too. Thank God all of my dcfs appreciate my work I do with their children and respect a provider's need for down time too. I don't abuse it and they're well aware of it when they enroll and READ their contract.

Sigh one of the age old gripes from people on the other side of our perspective.
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