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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Dad View Post
Our day care cost $245/week for 4 days/week. There are 208 days in the year 2017 that my child will be scheduled for day care. According to google there are approximately 10 holidays this year. Thatís 198 days that the day care would be open for us assuming that all holidays fall on my childís scheduled days. Thatís $3.10 more a day or $12.40/week for a total of $257.40 per week. So back to the perception $257.40 per week looks better than getting charge $61.25 for a day that no service is rendered and now you have to go pay some else to take care of your child.
Not sure if I stated this earlier but I do understand having to pay for the days if I cancel.
But that is your perception. An extra $12-15 a week may not seem like a big deal to you, but to many parents calling around for rates, hearing $140 versus $155 IS a major deal. Keep in mind that many also have more than one child so for some, it could be more like $100+ more dollars a month. I guess, in my case, I am competing with other in home daycares and the fees are already low, so in order to actually get clients at a higher fee, I have to offer WAY more things than just "unpaid" holidays. I have to offer curriculum, organic food, all of the newest and latest toys and developmental strategies, and most importantly, "flexibility" in my hours and policies, ect. Parents want more and more for their money. The more you charge, the more they expect. Most of the people who spend higher amounts on childcare get a nanny for their own convenience and the ability to be in control or they go to a center which offers 12 hour days and rarely closes. So, some parents are willing and able to spend more money, but rarely do they spend it on something intangible, like vacation time. If you feel it is wrong to be charged when the daycare is closed, then you will still feel it is wrong even if you are paying upfront for it each week, versus on the actual week. Perception is one thing, but people are not stupid.

The problem is the mentality that daycare is not a business and is not allowed to operate as such. The other issue is that parents do not seem to understand that their child is a piece of the pie that makes the daycare operate. Think of it like a timeshare. There are only so many spots we are allowed to have, so if you want the spot, you pay for it year round, even if it is not being used or is not able to be used (when closed). The fee you pay each week gives you the comfort that your childcare, even if closed for a day or two, will be there for you those other 200+days. But each spot comes at a price, so if each spot is worth $7500 a year, then whether you pay it in 52 equal payments, or in 48, it is all the same. In fact, I highly doubt any provider would ever turn down the offer of being prepaid, so if it really bothers you, then add an extra $50 to all your payments and you will accrue a balance to be used at the holidays. This is something all parents should be doing on their own anyway(you know...emergency fund and whatnot) and they should not need a daycare to enforce their budgeting for them. We can all perceive situations in our own way, but part of being an adult is to plan for reality. It shows maturity and responsibility for ones self and family. And the reality is that you can choose which daycare fits you best, so if you want to pay higher fees and no vacation time or lower fees 52 weeks a year, then search for the daycare that offers it!
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