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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Dad View Post
Our day care cost $245/week for 4 days/week. There are 208 days in the year 2017 that my child will be scheduled for day care. According to google there are approximately 10 holidays this year. Thatís 198 days that the day care would be open for us assuming that all holidays fall on my childís scheduled days. Thatís $3.10 more a day or $12.40/week for a total of $257.40 per week. So back to the perception $257.40 per week looks better than getting charge $61.25 for a day that no service is rendered and now you have to go pay some else to take care of your child.
Not sure if I stated this earlier but I do understand having to pay for the days if I cancel.
Why not ask your provider to allow you to pay that $257.40 per week if it is easier for you?

I don't charge based on attendance because I don't set my rates based on attendance. I figure what I need to bring in for the year to cover expenses and salary, then I divide what I need by the number of spaces that I have. That's how I set rates. If I gave "free" days for holidays, I'd have to add that into the regular rate in order to make my goal income. Believe it or not, we're not getting rich in this business...55% of what I bring in goes right back out in EXPECTED expenses. It is more when a dishwasher, washing machine, water heater or something goes out (because they get used a LOT more in a daycare home than another home, we replace appliances more often) or when a child causes damages.

I would certainly allow a parent to pay me in whatever way works for them as long as I get my yearly tuition. I've had payments weekly, every other week, twice a month, once a month, even had one parent pay quarterly in advance. All that matters to me is that tuition gets paid. Perhaps your provider would work with you to find a payment schedule that works for you?
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