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Originally Posted by Baby Beluga View Post
Not DC related.

I emailed customer service about a package that was showing received by USPS info, but was showing not received by the company's website.

The CSR's name was "Heidy O"

This reminded me of the time I was working as a customer service rep and had to call a customer to ask a question about her order. Her name was Judy Lovelace. It was very immature of me but as I dialed her phone number, I was kind of chuckling at her last name and thinking how embarrassing it must be to share a name with the actress in an infamous porn movie. Someone on the other end of the phone answered the call and I asked to speak with Judy Lovelace. When Judy came to the phone and said hello, without thinking I said, "Hi. Linda?" Thank goodness she had a sense of humor!

That memory led to another; same job. I answered a call from a customer asking to speak with "Ane-yone". I explained there was no one there by that name and asked if I could help her with something. She got angry with me and insisted she was told to call our number and ask to speak with Ane-yone. I again explained there was no one by that name there but I had access to her file and could help her. She put the phone down for a minute, saying she was going to check the message her co-worker had given her. In the background, I could hear hysterical laughter. She came back to the phone apologizing. The message she got said to call our department's 800 number and that "anyone" would be able to help her.
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