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Originally Posted by Jo123ABC View Post
I am having mini conflict after mini conflict with a family that started a couple of months ago. They've paid me late 1x. I had to ask for payment. They've picked up late a lot. Majorly 25min+ late twice. The last time I had a parent teacher conference and they forgot their kid here. I texted after they were nearly 10 min late. My husband filled in and saw them off so I could attend the conference. I messaged them letting them know it needs to stop and explaining that I often have things going on after daycare and letting them know i would have an invoice with their late fee ready the following day. They ignored my message. They still haven't taken the invoice (sitting in their cubby space) and haven't acknowledged it or being late in any way. Today at drop off, they told me they gave the child tylenol because they "don't want her to be crabby". They think teething not sure about fever I told them I typically do not allow Tylenol at daycare. They said they thought that just meant I don't GIVE it which they easily could have thought so I let her know that I don't allow it because it masks illness. I'm pretty sure they're not impressed with me again. This whole situation is just starting to drive me crazy... like I said one thing after another. This baby is one of my overly fussy ones but I think it's because she is held and entertained a lot at home. Ughhhh. Mostly just ranting I guess!
Your instincts are speaking. Listen.

I know terminating care isn't always "fun" but sometimes it's necessary for sanity. In my opinion this family is showing you loud and clear who they are/how they will continue to behave. Stop ignoring it and listen to them.

Actions always speak louder than words.

P.S. I have a one sitting in time out for the gajillionth time. I know what I need to do as well but I've been putting it off. But when reading your post I hear my instincts telling me to take my own advice.

I am betting BOTH of us will be happier in the long run.
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