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Default Celebrating Holidays....

I want to celebrate all children's birthdays on or near their birthday and have this in my handbook. I have it under the same category as holidays. Right now I don't know which holidays I would really celebrate until the time comes. Should I state which holidays we celebrate? Really, it could be a HUGE list or I could be as short and simple as to say Easter and Christmas, but I want to do things based on all holidays and ask parents to share any information about holidays they celebrate. How do I say that? This is what I have in my handbook:

"Birthdays and Holiday Celebrations
I celebrate the birthdays of the children in my care on or near the date of their birthday. I ask that you not bring presents for these celebrations. You may bring a treat for all the children, but please make arrangements with me first. We will also learn about each holiday and encourage you to share any information on a holiday you already celebrate."
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