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Originally Posted by Homebody View Post
Basically what I'm saying is every generation has good and bad qualities, and things that make them unique. Overall people are still people though, and we all still have the same feelings and instincts that make us human.
I agree with a bit of what you said in your entire post but I don't necessarily agree with this. ^^

People are still people but people have become self-centered, selfish and oblivious to others in the world now days.

It's all about "me".

Individual feelings, thoughts, actions and self-declared "rights" etc...... people seem to only care about what is important to them.

Empathy and understanding for everyone is no longer a subject even discussed or heard. It's only about what YOU (general you) want, need and like. period.

A previous poster mentioned kids being in trouble at school and being more fearful of the consequence or punishment their parent would impose on them than they were of any school rules. Now days the parent will storm into the school and make accusations that the school is treat their snowflake unfairly. Doesn't matter what Snowflake did/didn't do...

Another previous poster mentioned kids respecting all adults....if I went to any house in my neighborhood growing up, I knew all the adults were "in charge" and they would all hold me to the same basic set of standards. If I did something wrong, I could bet my allowance they would have called my parent and told them long before I could make it home.

Another thing mentioned was the focus on self-esteem... I don't think I even knew what that was until middle school. My parents nor any other adult in my life never gave a second thought about my self-esteem. That type of thing wasn't an issue until families started to deteriorate and adults started being more concerned about themselves than those around them or even in the same household.

I do agree that technology has had an impact on society but I don't believe that technology is the lead in the water so to speak but I definitely think it made non-parenting easier. It provides the children something to do while the parent can get back to focusing on themselves.
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