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Default Starting A Home Daycare In New Jersey-Insurance?

Hi everyone. My wife is interested in starting a daycare in our home. She is a teacher but due to budget cuts will not have a job next year so we're investigating this in trying to prepare for the future. As a bit of background, she has been a teacher for five years and has taught 6th to 12th grade, but during summers she has worked with K-5 children in daycare and summer camp settings. New Jersey has a fairly straightforward licensing process which I was able to find online, but insurance has been a challenge. I haven't even gotten to the point of finding business insurance yet, I can't even find a homeowner's insurance who would allow a home daycare period! My current homeowner's provider said that they would not be able to insure us if we provided daycare at our home whether or not we had a separate policy for daycare or not. I also checked with State Farm and they said no as well. Can anyone recommend a homeowner's provider that is home daycare friendly as well as a business insurance provider?
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