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Unhappy I Resigned From My Position and Feel Guilty. Advice?

Hi, this is my first time posting and I am new here.

Iíve been working at my current center for about nine months, and I put in my resignation on Friday. I feel guilty and would like some advice. I put in my notice because I feel like I was under-appreciated, wasnít given enough training or help, and I was underpaid. I started at a co-teacher in the threeís classroom, and then during the start of COVID I moved to the infant room as the lead and only teacher. I was taking care of 4 infants with very little training beyond donít let them die, while only making minimum wage. It took my resigning to even get my director to show more interest in my room, and now I have multiple coworkers telling me that I should stay, my director telling me to stay and suggesting going part time or taking a leave, and then sheís telling me the room might close because thereís no one they can find to replace me. All of this is making me feel really guilty for leaving and has me rethinking. Should I stay?
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