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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
I think it is because many people have difficulty applying logic instead of emotion when it comes to issues pertaining to kids. If it is true and applies to us, then it stings. Insult, anger, projection, avoidance, denial and blame shifting become the focus and the topic gets lost.

It is a tough topic to take on when most are simply trying to meet basic needs, stay married and not mess their kids up. There has to be a middle ground somewhere and many can't see what that would be for them. Some don't want to.
I think you are spot on, as always! It is a huge issue here. Our new report card has changed the component of parent involvement to parent engagement. Effective this upcoming licensing year, We have to offer a parent engagement opportunity monthly as well as two conferences a year.....I do NOT feel providers can FIX this gulf between appropriate parenting/just parents that hang around like the buddy system but the state is pushing for us to TRY!
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