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Smile Flat Rate for Before and After School Care

Hello! I'm new to posting, so I apologize if this is a repeat questions.

I am updating my rates/policies for the upcoming year and would like to know what you do in regards to holding your time slots for children and charging a flat rate?

The issue is, I have repeat families coming back for this year. I allowed for a teacher/parent to get a discount on the days her 2 kids weren't in care during winter break and spring break. She also asked about it for her kids when they had an after school activity and would not be in my care. Well, I should have said no to begin with, but at the time, I needed the income.
I now need to just charge a flat rate and not allow discounts, so I know what I can count on each month.
Do you have a portion of your rate info on this subject that you can share in regards to days off/vacation, etc? I just want to update each family and let them know that I will not be doing this moving forward. I have plenty of other families that I could take in at the flat rate, but I love these families I already have signed up since last year. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
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