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This is what I

Before/after school care is provided for a weekly rate of $________ and includes care for children from 7am until the school bus arrives at approximately 8am and care after the school bus drops off use for before after care.

Before/After School & Drop in
Care Policiesat approximately 4:15 in the afternoon until 5pm .

Breakfast will be provided in the morning if the child arrives at least 30 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. An afternoon snack is provided after the bus drops off in the afternoon.

If a child arrives after the bus has picked up the provider is not responsible for transporting the child to school. A child who has missed the bus is not able to stay for full day care.

Provider will not pick up a child from school if the child misses the bus transportation home.

You must notify provider if your child will not be attending on a scheduled day of care , especially if your child will not be on the bus for after school drop off .

Provider is not to be listed as emergency contact for the school and will not pick up a sick child from school.

Care is NOT provided on days where there is no school as noted on the Frederick county public school calendar.

Full day care drop in care will be an additional $20.00 per day due at drop off.

Days where there is a late start and children are to have lunch while in care will be considered a full day of care, written notice is required to reserve space and full day payment will be required.

All requests for school aged drop in care must be submitted in writing
( either a hand written note , e-mail or text) with child’s name , date and date(s) of care needed at least a week before date of care requested.

All cancellations for drop in care must be submitted in writing a least a week before the beginning of the week in which care was requested.

In cases where school is closed due to inclement weather or other school related events ( no water, electricity, etc) you must contact provider to see if there will be a space available for your child for full day care.

There may be times where there will not be room for your child on an inclement weather day. Parents/guardians are responsible for having back up care.

Payment is due whether child attends on scheduled day(s) or is absent . The weekly rate is based on holding your child’s spot not on attendance.

Full time care spaces will take priority over before/after school care spaces.

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Before/After School & Drop in
Care Agreement

Child’s name ____________________________________________________________

Date of birth_____________________________________________________________

Days of before/after school care M T W R F
( I understand that my child will only have a spot held for before/after school care for the days listed above).

Weekly before/after care rate $_______________________.

I have read and understand the before/after school care policies.

This document is to amend the hours of care in the original child care agreement from regular care to before/after school care.

Provider does not guarantee a space for school aged children on days where there is no school.
Full days of care must be requested in advance in writing.

I understand and agree that all policies (including the illness exclusion policy and original child care agreement) remain in effect.

Before/after school age care begins on September 4 , 2017 for the 2017/2018 school year.

Parent/guardian signature Date

Parent/guardian signature Date

I have received a copy of this before/after school care contract

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