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Default Head Lice Detected!!

And so it happened...I sent a daycare girl home this afternoon with headlice (schoolage). She was scratching her head yesterday, I briefly glanced at her head (without moving her hair) and she said she had a dry scalp. Ok I thought and left it at that. Today she was scratching hard again, so I fliped up her hair where she was itching and OMG, it was moving!! She had several moving around.

So naturaly I'm freaking out in my head as I have 4 girls of my own. I was calm and acted as it were no big deal to the girl though, she's only 7. My own 7 year old daughter has been playing VERY close with her the past couple of days, under blankets as they were making forts yesterday, on her bed..laying next to each other with head to head contact.

So I got out the Robi comb I bought 3 months back when the school nurse sent my daughter home saying she had lice eggs (and she didn't) and ran it through all my daughters hair and sure enough, I got 1...just 1...zapped with the Robi comb on my 7 year old who was playing very close with her.

My family has never ever had lice before, I washed my daughter's bedding that the infected girl was on but I'm so worried it's on the couches she was sitting on or on my carpets..I know they can't live long off the head but they can live a little while (up to 2 days from what I read)...we vacuumed but I still have the heebie jeebies since finding that 1 on my own daughter's head....I knew, I just KNEW when I seen the lice that my daughter must have gotten something because they were playing so close the past 2 days with blankets and head to head.

Ok, done venting, sorry...but it took me by surprise. After I found the lice the girl said...oh ya, my baby cousin had them. When the mom came to pick up she mentioned they were at a Thanksgiving party with that cousin...that was a whole month ago so wondering if she has had them in my house that long!!??
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