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Default Taxes Unregistered Provider

hello all! i realize im new and realize this is my 1st post. i found this site by googling tom copeland. whose name i was given to look up my tax question. ive read some but most is about in home providers as a business.

background info. i am in mi, i am unlicensed. i am a seasoned daycare worker i will be 47 at the end of the month and have been working in daycare settings since i was 21. 5 years ago the center i was working in folded and closed. i am trained, with ceu's, sids, and cpr and hold a cda. 6 months after "retiring" ( 4 yrs ago) i started caring for my nephews and niece and my cousins baby. its a paycut i wouldnt trade for anything in this world. i love it. this past sept (2018) i started helping a neighbor out and watching her school aged son for 45 mins in the morning before the bus came. she pays me $10 for that 45 mins ($50 a week). she asked me this week about child care credit on her taxes and if she could have my info. i said id never provided it before and id look up info regarding it. and get back to her next week. i use one of those big guy corporations for my taxes and the past 4 yrs have claimed my income from my family as other earned income ( idk what form that is in irs talk) my family has never asked for tax info and ive never given it. ive not actually considered myself a business nor have kept any records business-wise at all. i take this as a neighbor helping a neighbor but i dont want to be taken either. im really at a loss here as i dont provide anything for this boy other than a warm place to watch spongebob and tell him when its time to walk across the yard to his driveway for the bus, i guess my questions are
1. how do i go about this? add up what shes paid? ask her for the amount shes paid?
2. what info do i give my neighbor? is there a form? do i need to legalize this info ( certified mail or notarized? )
3. how would i then claim this info on my taxes? again im unlicensed so i have no provider # how would the irs know that the info she puts on her taxes about child care is correct and how would they know what i put on mine about the claim would be correct?

TIA for any answers.
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