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Originally Posted by loischerry View Post
black cat 31 thank you for the links. the tax id link was especially helpful as i didnt know that it could be done. the other two im having issues with. the one replies back no matches and the other has a server error 404. im not sure if this an issue with my system or i just have to wait it out.
Hello there fellow Michigander.

Here is what the second link that bc posted. It is from Tom's blog.

Can Parents Claim the Child Care Tax Credit if I’m Not Licensed?
NOVEMBER 13, 2016

Yes, under two circumstances.

First, if you are caring for six children or fewer (not counting your own children) parents can claim the credit. In this situation it doesn’t matter if you are in violation of your state’s child care licensing rules.

Second, if you are caring for more than six children, parents can claim the credit as long as you are not in violation of your state’s child care licensing rules.

See the Instructions to IRS Form 2441 Child and Dependent Care Expenses.

----- So basically she can claim you only if you watch less than six children because you are in volation of state licensing rules.
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