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Default unlicensed

Originally Posted by loischerry View Post
@ 284878. hello fellow mitten member! thank you for your info. i understand licensing . i currently am under license exempt as a "family provider". because i currently & foreseeably only watch my niece, my nephews ( pre school age + 1 kindergartner) and my cousins infant. i had to fill out a form and have on file a background check. the state (i assume) read my form and checked me out and sent the form typed out and a letter that said i was accepted and that i must keep the form on file. which i have. im sorry if i confused you with the unlicensed part. the state says i cant say im licensed, and so mostly when asked in conversation i just say unlicensed. i dont advertise i have a daycare and dont openly offer my services. my neighbors no doubt know that the children i have here are not mine, which lead my neighbor to ask me about her son and the bus.

@tom thank you for this information. i am unsure if i file a schedule C but i know i do file something that pays the money that i would regularly would pay when receiving a w2. i have never claimed expenses before but now that i know i will get a list and copies of bills together. i will certainly get a receipt out to her. thank you.
Yes, you must file IRS Form 1040Schedule C Profit or Loss From Business. You can also claim house expenses on IRS Form 8829 Expenses for Business Use of Your Home.
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