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Default Breaks

hello all! just a question thats been rolling around in my head a few weeks.

what do you all do with your break time?

i know its very rare that a dcw gets a break and most of that time its during nap times, if at all. long story hopefully short. At the previous daycare i worked at we were all allowed to take 1 30 min break at nap time, not at the same time we'd rotate. they had a separate break room we were allowed to use, we could leave or stay . it really was up to us. well one dcm who had many issues with the daycare showed up at nap time that day, because of the building configuration the break room faced the front of the building. well that day dcm "forgot" her code and started banging on the breakroom window which is where i was that time by myself reading a book and eating my sandwich , i was not allowed to let her in as i wasnt a lead or the director. i told her this through the window and called the director who told me that they would be there soon to deal with her. idk what the issue was as there were many with that family but this dcm ended up taking her frustrations out on me while waiting for the director. she was yelling through the closed window that i was being negligent and irresponsible. i ended up just getting up and left the break room. a few weeks after this incident the center changed their "break policy" & made us stay in the room or do paperwork/coping/art planning during our break. so since then ( its been 2 decades) ive felt guilty & been gun shy and feel very horrible if i "take" a break during nap time. and usually fill my nap time no kid time doing paperwork, planning and cleaning. the question started because a few weeks back id found myself with no actual planning/paperwork to do during nap time, and found myself on facebook instead.
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