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Originally Posted by jenboo View Post
Do you clock out for these breaks? I would look into the legalities of it. When I worked in a center we had to clock out and were not allowed to work during that break. The director said it had something to do with labor laws
both before and after the policy change the answer was no. we were hired for 9 hr shifts and the position touted a paid 30 min break. funny thing is though they used to have all these in services to keep us up to date on all our ceu's and one we covered more than anything else was burn out (which is very very real but i dont need to tell anyone here that) so the policy change never made any sense to me. which leads me to believe it was the dcm who caused this all. leading me back to still feeling guilty about how it all went down leading me then to uneasy about breaks. vicious circles and all that.
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