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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
Met a dcprovider at the grocery store last night and I've been dropping away from all the meetings, classes, etc. She asked me if I was still doing dc and I said yes but told her I wasn't sure if I was going to keep up with it all. She said our FP lady's hours have been dropped to 20 hrs. a week and that the state has gotten more lenient(turning a blind eye?) to providers due to the fact that providers have been quitting and there's just not enough child care available, especially infant care.
Hmmm, kind of the reverse effect of what the state wanted from quality child care I'd say.
Why, whenever the state gets involved, it's not usually a good thing?
Yep, our state has been driving providers out of business now for a few years. I think it's all part of their master plan......

What?! A daycare shortage??? Well we better enact free universal daycare for everyone then....

I'm sorry but I am so sick and tired of this one for all and all for one mentality. Universal anything is just plain stupid.

One size does NOT fit all....

I know this to be true. I bought some socks yesterday that said so. It's a lie.
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