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Originally Posted by DaveA View Post
Along with what CH said I think a big part of it is what's going on in your area. Our area is losing providers but not at a large rate (yet). So licensing is still pretty active about illegal daycares in a "let's help you get licensed" sort of way. The northern part of the state is hemorrhaging providers, so they're looking the other way to avoid making the need for care worse. I know of a provider who was flat out told "don't bother" to license when they tried because they were only going to keep 3-4 kids + their own. If I was in an area like that and had gone through licensing and heard that I'd be hacked.
in my area, everyones looking for dc. like EVERYONE i see it all the time people begging on facebook or CL. i get calls daily from people that had my number from before when i worked in a licensed center, and i keep passing them onto others. i learned last week from a friend that ran the inhome i was referring people to is not going to renew her license when it expires in the summer . Licensed centers/homes in my area are closing up shop for 3 reasons 1. the rules, training's and fees associated with licensing now keep being raised and passing those fees onto the parent are making the parents balk at cost. 2. employees are demanding more. more health care coverage, more per hour, PTO, 401k's all that that a center cant provide and keep its overhead, meaning less dcw's. 3. parents dont pay. for whatever reason, and ive heard them all, the fees get so outrageous ( because they want them to pay) that it makes it impossible for parents to pay. causing the center to use up its resources for payroll. i work only for my family since the center i worked in closed. they closed because there were so many family's in arrears that they were using their supply/bill payment account to pay their employees, bad book keeping probably, but im sure glad i kept getting my paycheck. i make my family pay me, it is my only source of income but it is far less than what they would pay for outside care. i do also make them pay a paperwork fee every 3 months that i use to take classes, pay copays for dr medical clearances, cpr, save for tax time, do crafts, & go on outings. however i get to be my own boss, make my own schedule, and spend time with the kids i really want to be with is amazing.
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