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Default Tax Preparer

I've posted a tax preparer directory at Click on Business Center and you'll see the link to the directory below my photo. The list is a little outdated so you may find preparers who are no longer in business.

The basic things to look for are:
1) Does the person have an EA credential (Enrolled Agent)? This is a good measure of someone who understands small businesses.
2) How many other family child care returns does the preparer do? The more the better.
3) Does the tax preparer understand the unique tax rules affecting providers?
Time-Space % - Have them explain how to calculate it.
Can you count hours you use your home after the children are gone? Yes
Should you depreciate your home? Always yes
Should you depreciate the furniture and appliances in your home? Yes
4) What does the tax preparer charge?
5) Are you comfortable with the person? Will he or she return your calls promptly? Are they in business year round?
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