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Something similar happened with my first family. Dcg had diarrhea, I sent her home. Dcm brought her back the next day with a note from the doctor about toddler diarrhea and how she could return to care. I looked it up and there really was such a thing so I let her stay. (Although I really didn't believe that was the issue)

Her diaper was so runny that it dripped off the side of the changing pad on to me foot. But I got told that she was never sick at home.

My DD didn't get sick, I did. My dh stayed home that day to take care of our dd, while I lie in bed. I called dcm to tell her I was closed for the day and left a message. Dh left the door unlocked and dcm dropped off and left, (she always stayed to talk) she never talked to dh or ask were I was.

Dh come into our room upset because he didn't agree to care for any dck. I kept trying to call and text her, she finally called me back once she got to work. She claimed that her phone was dead, and said she would have dcd pick up, it took him 4 hours.

I kept trying to replace but could not find anyone. I was relieved when she got fired from her job, I had to hold back my excitement.

Since then I have had to term and it doesn't get better. I am currently having trouble terming a family that are not working out. I get nauseous everytime I think about it.
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