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I hear you, OP. People want their kids potty trained but they don’t even seem ready. They can’t pull their pants up or down and they don’t communicate when they need to go. The few times they do communicate a need to go, it’s when I’m changing an infant or in the middle of lunch prep.

For the ones parents claim are training, I do take them to the potty at certain times of day whether they indicate they have to go or not. Most of the time, their pull-ups are already soiled. I require them to stay in pull-ups until they go 2 weeks accident free.

I have one now that will be 4 this summer and still struggling. Some days child can go all day, except for nap, staying dry, and then the next day have to change the pull-up at every trip to the potty. Parents say the child doesn’t cooperate at home. Runs & hides and acts like it’s a joke when they ask him to use the potty. Two days in a row I have sent the child home early. The poop comes out of the top of the kid’s pull-up and creeps up his back. He sticks his hand on it and shows me. Today he was dropped off right at that 24-hour mark and within 20 minutes it happened again. Back home he went. Parent was concerned they would lose their job for leaving early. IDK what else to say, but the kid can’t be getting poop all over daycare and I can’t spend all day disinfecting. Lunch was served late today because I had to disinfect. My little ones were falling asleep and couldn’t finish their lunch before nap. It’s crazy.

The last time I updated my policy I added that ages 4 and up need to be able to potty independently. This family may be shocked this summer when the kid is 4. That’s if I can take it that long and don’t change my career path before then ��
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