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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
Potty training is a parental responsibility. I don't potty train kids, at all.

I do take them to the potty when they ask to go and allow them to wear cloth underwear only when they consistently stay dry for two full weeks in my care; naptime/playground, too.
Same here.
I do not have time to bring kids to the bathroom multiple times a day to go or try
I just don’t. I’m group care.

I do have a handout I give parents when they mention starting to use potty. That way there are clear and open expectations.

Some kids transition super easy while others spend upwards of a year or more “training”.

I have a 3 yr old in diapers no where near interested or willing. Child is capable but parents are too busy to be consistent

I also have an 18 month old who has no idea how to follow a simple one sentence instruction/hasnt uttered a single word but parent claims they go on potty every morning.

I am over trying to meet these inconsistent parent behaviors, parent expectations and all the other junk that goes along with potty training.

Parents can choose whatever method they want and go with it. The child can let me know when they need to go when here.

If they go two-three weeks accident free, we discuss underwear.
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