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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I have a dcd that gave me a provider statement for taxes asking for total amounts paid, hours kid was in care, payment dates etc., and I've filled them out for a different family before so it is not a big deal.

But in this case, all payments were made by the Dcm from her checking account. Dcd's name is not on the checks. Do I still fill this out for him, or do I decline since he wasn't the person making the actual payments? I'm so confused! Also, dcd and dcm are not married or even living together, if that matters.

Thanks for the help!
Always provide the information to the person that paid.

Whether or not a family has a judgement or agreement via the courts to claim different years or split expenses has nothing to do with me and is never something I ask parents to divulge.

How they claim their expenses is their business not mine.
My only obligation is to provide the requested information in regards to WHO actually paid.

My contract for services and my contract for payment are separate things so whoever pays might not be the person that drops off/picks up daily.

If I accept checks from one parent then that one parent is the person who gets the receipt.

If I were you, I'd fill out the information but make sure you indicate who the checks came from or who the payer was.

The parents can sort out the rest as it has nothing to do with me.
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